“Green Truck” helping UAE become more sustainable

“Green Truck” Helping UAE Become More Sustainable

Enviroserve started Green Truck in 2014; in an effort to offer residential communities and corporate offices in the UAE an environmentally conscious way to recycle their electronic waste. As of now close to 1,500 green bins have been placed throughout Dubai and Abu Dhabi; these bins are collected weekly by the Green Truck then all the dry recyclables (only in Dubai) and electronic waste are segregated and sorted before the collected recyclable items are transported to The Recycling Hub by Enviroserve for reuse.



According to a recent report by the World health organization (WHO), E-waste volumes are surging globally. According to the Global E-waste Statistics Partnership (GESP), they grew by 21% in the five years up to 2019, when 53.6 million metric tons of e-waste were generated. To protect the environment and reduce the harmful impact of e-waste, companies like Enviroserve have developed “Green Truck” it is the only company in the UAE that is endorsed by the Ministry of Environment and certified by UAE Municipalities to confidentially destroy, dismantle, and repurpose electronic waste. 

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