The Best Amazon Kindle (2019) Cases And Covers

The Best Amazon Kindle (2019) Cases And Covers

E-readers like the Amazon Kindle have made it easier than ever to enjoy a great book no matter where you are. But, unlike books, e-readers are just as fragile as a smartphone or tablet. If you’ve ever dropped one of your connected devices, you already know how frightening it can be watching your device fall to the ground below. A case or cover can keep you protected.

Regardless of your style, you’re sure to find a great option on our list of the best Kindle 2019 cases and covers.

Official Amazon Fabric Cover

As always, Amazon’s own case is one of the best cases you can pick up for your new Kindle. It opens like a book, but has its own style with a soft fabric front cover, inner microfiber lining, and a tough protective plastic rear casing. It stays closed with small magnets, and a sleep/wake system puts your Kindle to sleep while closed, and wakes it up when opened, helping to save battery. It’s slim and light, which you’ll want for long reading marathons. Unfortunately, everyone’s favorite origami cases seem to have disappeared, and honestly, this case is on the expensive side, too — but it’s still a great case, and it adds much-needed grip to the new Kindle.

Fintie PU Leather Shell Case

You don’t have to pay Amazon’s prices to get a great book-fold case though. This case from Fintie is a great alternative if you’re looking to spend a little less. It has PU leather on the front cover instead of fabric, but you’ll still find a soft microfiber inner lining and a tough protective plastic casing with reinforced corners on the back, too. There’s a sleep/wake system to help save your battery power, and despite the protection, it’s still slim and lightweight. Best of all, it comes with some more interesting color variants, including the above love tree, starry sky, and rose gold. You can even pick up the regular black version for just $11, saving even more money.

Timovo Vertical Stand Cover Case

If you like to use your ebook reader for hands-free reading while you eat, prepare food in the kitchen, or at any other time, then you might need a case that facilitates that. This vertical stand case from Timovo allows your Kindle to be stood vertically at a variety of angles, making it easy to read while your hands are otherwise engaged. It’s made from PU leather, so it’s durable and easy to keep clean. That material wraps entirely around your Kindle when not in use, keeping it safe, while a wake/sleep system means your battery is saved when your device isn’t in use. If you’re not keen on the black variant above, you can choose from five other colors, or pick up the Starry Night version for $14.

Ayotu PU Leather Case

While there’s not a huge variety in types of case for the Kindle 2019 (yet), there are a number of style options you can use to trick out your ebook reader. This PU leather case from Ayotu is similar to many other options on this list, with all-around protection from PU leather and an inner microfiber lining that prevents scratches, a sleep/wake system, and a magnetic cover. But the real draw here is the range of color options, which includes the library option above, and some other cool designs you won’t find on many other cases. Best of all, there’s no difference in price between each variety.

Moko Slim Shell Case

This Moko shell case is perfect for you if you want a slim-fit case that won’t add much bulk to your Kindle. The Moko shell case is made with a premium synthetic leather cover and no-scratch soft lining. It features an auto sleep/wake system and magnetic closure. You even have the option to charge your device while the case is closed for added protection.

The best part is it’s available in a variety of colors and designs, including the Vintage or U.S. flag versions.


Moko Soft Fabric Pouch

Even though a case is an excellent way to protect your Kindle, it can feel bulky sometimes, which is annoying. For Kindle lovers who don’t want to sacrifice the lightweight feel of the device, there are alternatives. You could consider a protective pouch instead. 

MoKo makes a soft pouch that protects your Kindle without getting in the way. The pouch has a high-quality felt material that keeps your Kindle safe from bumps and scratches on the go.

A heavy-duty velcro closure marked with a faux-leather accent ensures that your Kindle will stay safe inside, so you can be sure that your device is safe and secure. It also has a second compartment on the side for storing earbuds, keys, or your phone.

You can use the MoKo pouch to protect your Kindle, but it is versatile enough to be used with most eReaders and tablets, as long as they are a similar size. The clean, modern design fits comfortably in briefcases and backpacks, too.

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