How To Set Up A Meeting On Microsoft Teams On The Desktop

How Many People Can Be A Part Of A Microsoft Teams Meeting

With most of the businesses worldwide now resorting to the work from home scheme, demand has grown for some reliable and secure team communication tools. While some of these apps are more open and easy to use for general purposes like catching up with friends and colleagues, there are some that are focussed more on the corporates. One such application is Microsoft’s very own ‘Microsoft Teams’.

By definition, Microsoft Teams is a proprietary business communication platform developed by Microsoft, as part of the Microsoft 365 family of products. One can compare it with similar peer software like Slack or Skype for Business, but Microsoft has given this, a lot of useful features and functionalities, that make it, a go-to for organizations around the world.

Microsoft Teams offers users, a lot of much-needed features and functionalities, including a chat feature, the ability to record the meeting, sharing files with your contacts, making notes for meetings, scheduling a meeting for later, and many more. Now, if you are planning to use Microsoft Teams to host a meeting with your family, friends, or colleagues, then you may be wondering as to how many people can be a part of a Microsoft Teams meeting.

As of today, the maximum number of participants that can be a part of a Microsoft Teams meeting is 300. This means, 300 people can join a single meeting and have discussions and chats. There are reports that Microsoft is working on increasing this limit to 1000, making it more convenient for bigger organizations.

Now, if you want a bigger audience to view the content you are trying to present, you can use the Live event feature on Microsoft Teams. This feature allows up to 20,000 attendees to attend the stream, and you can host each Live event for up to 16 hours per event.



Additionally, Live Events with up to 100,000 attendees can be planned through the Microsoft 365 assistance program. The team will assess each request and work with you to determine options that may be available.

If you want to download the Microsoft Teams app on your Desktop, you can use the link here, to head to the download page.


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