How to get free spins on Coin Master

Coin Master is a free single player mobile game where your goal is to earn coins to buy upgrades and build your village. But that’s not all! It is also possible to attack other players’ villages. For these actions, it is necessary to rotate a machine and get coins. However, the number of spins is limited at a time, but you can get free spins on Coin Master in a few ways. Here’s how.

Get free spins on Coin Master

1. Through social networks

One of the ways to get free spins is by following Moon Active, creator of Coin Master,on social networks. Daily, the studio releases some links to some spins for free. You can follow the game on both Facebook and Twitter.

2. Sign up to receive spins by email

Some people avoid providing emails in games for fear of spam, but apparently the title sends few messages and every day you will receive as a gift an email link for at least one free spin. It’s a practical way to get some spins since you’ll usually have your phone in hand.

3. Watch advertising videos

This is a practice even very common in mobile games. You watch an advertising video and, as a reward, gain some benefit. In the case of Coin Master,the prize is a limited amount of spins per day that can be unlocked by watching ads.

To find out if you can still catch the spins of the day, just take a look at the power button of the spin machine. If he’s not there anymore, he’s out of free quota for today. If the icon appears, just tap it to see the advertising.

4. Invite friends to play

Deep down you know that in the future, you will also invade your friend’s village, but inviting new people to the game is a good way to get an extra spin. Each time an invitation from you is accepted, and the person enters the game through Facebook, you get a considerable amount of 40 free spins!

The interesting thing is that you don’t even need your guest to play the game. It is only necessary that the download is made and that the login is via Facebook.

5. Ask for extra spins as a gift

Every friend you have on your network, and who plays Coin Master, can send you a free spin daily (just as you can also return to kindness). Because not everyone can get enough people to make this number of gifts more significant, an alternative is to visit game forums and Facebook communities to exchange gifts.

6. Improve your village

This task, however, is not as simple as it may seem. To increase the level of your village, you need to spend many coins to buy buildings and upgrade the existing ones. But that’s part of the gameplay too, so good luck!

7. Attend available events

There’s almost always some event going on in Coin Master. Of course, participating in them guarantees some bonuses for the player and, among them, are the popular free spins. When you are on the spin machine, always look at the upper right corner of the screen. If there’s a button over there below the menu, it’s an active event. Touch it and participate.

8. Exercise your patience

You get free spins on coin master simply by letting time go by. Every hour, you get five free spins and you can save (a maximum of) 50 spins at a time. Any more spin you receive, beyond that limit, will be lost. So keep an eye out every 10 hours!

And that’s it! It is worth remembering that there are some apps and websites that provide, every day, links to get free spins. Before installing these apps on your mobile or accessing these pages be aware not to click on any malicious links.

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