How to deposit money in GTA 5 [Maze Bank]

The GTA 5 universe is not one of the safest to walk with high values in the portfolio. The best way to protect your hard-on digital money is to put it in one of the game’s virtual banks. Learn how to deposit money in GTA 5 and take good care of your fortune.

How GTA 5 banks work

GTA 5 has three major banks for the characters to manage their fortunes: Fleeca Bank, Maze Bank and Bank of Liberty, but only the first two are present “physically” in Los Santos, with buildings and branches scattered throughout the city.

Bank of Liberty is not based in Los Santos, but the player can interact with the bank over the internet of the game by controlling Trevor Philips. In story mode, so do the other characters: only Franklin Clinton has an account at FLEECA Bank, and Michael de Santa is a customer of Maze Bank.

Almost all stock movements, such as car purchases, real estate purchases, scam premium receipts, business profits, etc., go through one of three banks in campaign mode, or Maze Bank in online mode.

Campaign mode characters can only view the bank statement. In GTA Online, in addition to having access to account transactions, the player can withdraw money or deposit the amounts from his wallet into his virtual account.

One of Maze Bank's headquarters in GTA 5 (Image: Reproduction / GTA 5)

How to deposit money in GTA 5

All financial transactions in GTA 5 are made by mobile phone. Just access the website of the bank of which the character is a customer. If you open another bank page, you’ll see the message “Username not found. You don’t seem to have a record at this bank.”

To deposit money in GTA 5:

  1. Grab the character’s phone and click on the browser icon;
  2. On the home page, click “Money and Services”;
  3. Visit the Maze Bank page;
  4. Click “View account transactions” and then “Deposit”;
  5. Some options of predetermined amounts for deposit will be displayed depending on the amount of money in your wallet.

The amounts will be transferred immediately. The drawing works similarly to the deposit, just choose the “Withdraw” option. You can’t transfer GTA$ to other players, or between story mode characters.

Source: GTA Wiki.

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