How to transfer saves from Xbox One to Xbox Series S and X

Anyone who has purchased a new Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S and wants to transfer the progress of their Xbox One games, know that there is a very fast and practical procedure for this – actually almost automatic. Learn how to transfer saves to Xbox Series.

Transfer saves to Xbox Series

If a user already owned an Xbox One and purchased an Xbox Series S or X, the new console will ask what they want to transfer from the previous device if the logged-in account is the same as the one used on the old device.

By default the Xbox line already saves the progress of most current and older games to the cloud. So Xbox Live is up to syncing what’s done on each device – to be recovered on the next.

So to transfer your stuff from Xbox One to Xbox Series X or S, all you need to do is sign in to your new console with your Microsoft account.

When you sign in, a window will open, with the following question: “What to transfer to Xbox Series X|S?”. Select all games that will be downloaded and will come with your saves.

What can be downloaded

Below you can see what can be transferred from one console to another:

  • Games (most)
  • Applications
  • Profile
  • Account information
  • Family relationships (Family account)
  • Privacy settings
  • Purchased movies and serials

There are exceptions, some things are not transferred to Xbox Series S or X, such as:

  • Games that need Kinect
  • Disc games that are not backwardcompatible

From there, just use the new Xbox Series and save or get away from the old one.

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