Vivo Announces The All New Vivo V20

Vivo Announces The All New Vivo V20

Over the past few years, it is clear that cameras have become the primary USP for consumers when purchasing a smartphone, as they don’t want to carry a separate device for capturing photos or recording videos. In addition, consumers are not only concerned with the rear camera but are increasingly prioritizing the quality of the front camera too.

As a company that focuses on putting its consumers first, Vivo’s V series has lately enjoyed an upgrade based on consumer insights. The V20 offers users cutting-edge camera capabilities as well as strong hardware and software to support seamless functionality. Here is a look at some of the smartphone’s leading front camera features.



Unlock a new world of Selfie Capabilities

vivo’s V20 appeals to young consumers who are interested in technology and fashion – the smartphone, therefore, delivers more powerful front photography capabilities to help users capture satisfying images.

The main USP on the V20 is the 44MP Eye Autofocus (AF) Front Camera that allows amateur and professional photographers to shoot beautiful portraits and recordings that are rich in color and depth. The Ultra HD feature paired with FD facial recognition (independently developed by Vivo) enables rapid eye autofocus and addresses out-of-focus problems that are common issues when prime lenses are too close or far away. With the V20, high-quality image content ensures explicit focus and clarity.

Shine at Night with Softlight

vivo’s front camera can capture incredibly sharp images even at night. Through multiple exposures and noise cancellation algorithms, the V20 enhances facial details and easily defies any challenges posed by the dark. Its Selfie Softlight Band and studio-standard lighting allow sharp night-time selfies through adjusting ambient light indoors and outdoors. The end result? The perfect color temperature that highlights natural skin tones!

Create Top-quality 4K Selfie Videos

Thanks to advanced camera technology, wannabe lensmen can create striking, personalized 4K resolution videos with Eye Autofocus. 4K means the video encompasses four times the number of pixels as regular Full HD footage, ensuring vivid, high definition content.

A New Level of Portrait Stability

Through Steadiface Selfie Video, portrait stability is enhanced with image cropping to produce more stable footage when recording a video. Combined with the physical gyroscope, this feature helps counteract any shake on the handheld camera and keeps the frame steady and clear.

Double your Creativity

Through Dual-View Video, consumers can now record videos using their front and rear cameras simultaneously. The V20 boasts modes to view these creations – the dual-view/picture-in-picture modes are not only fun to use but also enhance vlogs and multi-person interactions.

Never Miss A Moment

What’s more – the V20 allows users to control the flow of time with their fingertips through its Slo-Mo Selfie Video feature. Videographers can switch between fast and slow-motion while enjoying the smoothness of 240FPS – up to eight times slower than recorded speed.

More Styles for Your Style

The V20 also has multiple features to satisfy consumer demand for a richer range of adjustable style photo effects through its Multi-Style Portrait feature. These are:

  • Style templates
  • Face beauty effects
  • The pinch beauty mode (now includes philtrum and slim cheekbone modes)

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