Tinder vs Facebook Dating: Which is the Best?

Facebook Dating was created in 2019 and has joined the list of dating apps. The tool is available within the social network itself, but you need to create a profile apart. Meanwhile, Tinder does not need presentations and is already well consolidated here. But which one to use, Tinder or Facebook Dating? This comparison will show you the main differences between the two platforms and help you decide which is the best for you.


Tinder is available in the App for Android and iOS mobile devices (iPhone and iPad), and has a web version. Facebook Dating, on the other hand, can only be accessed through the app.

Winner: Tinder


If you’re quite active on Facebook, you’ll probably like the filter options on Dating. The platform allows users to see which groups, friends, and events they have in common.

In the Ideal Match section,you can also filter people by distance, gender, age, height, language, education, and religion—but fb may still show you people who run away from their chosen preferences.

On the other hand, Tinder makes you freer to write your own bio. You choose what you want to share with others —from a lot of detail to nothing—and you can also associate Your Instagram and Spotify accounts.

Winner: Draw


While Tinder has been in Brazil since 2012, Facebook Dating was created in 2019. In addition, you need to have a Facebook account to access Dating — although the social network is very popular, this condition ends up creating an additional barrier. Tinder is more consolidated around here and will probably be more effective, especially if you don’t live in large centers.

Winner: Tinder.


Despite being a tool within Facebook, your FB profile is not the same as FB Dating. When you join Dating, you choose which photos you want to include, what information you want to share, and define whether or not you want to see friends of friends.

Anyone who’s your friend on Facebook won’t know you’re on Dating, even if they are too. So if this is a problem, you don’t have to be afraid of being discovered by acquaintances. You can also block specific profiles, so they won’t find you on the platform.

Still, you must have an account and access Facebook to use Facebook Dating. On Tinder, you can create a profile from your mobile phone number, without necessarily having to associate with any social network.

Even in the free version, Tinder allows you to turn off confirmation of reading messages. Like Dating, it lets you define the information that users will have access to —their background, work, etc. So…

Winner: Tinder

Free and paid features

FB Dating

One of the main advantages of Facebook Dating is being completely free, while Tinder has several paid functions. Dating has no ads, which only happens in the Premium version of Tinder.

Another point for Facebook: It shows people who liked you —on Tinder, you need to have the paid version to see who gave you like.

The Secret Crush is an interesting feature of FB. Like I said before, your friends can see you on the platform. However, if you want to enjoy a friend, you can add it as a secret crush. If he’s also on Dating, you’ll be warned that someone put him on that list, but won’t know who. If it also adds you as a crush, you two will be warned and appear to each other in the app.

While on Tinder there are no ways to communicate with someone before you match,Facebook Dating allows you to send a message in the person’s profile picture. It’s not exactly a chat, it works more like a comment that only you can see.


Tinder’s free features are basic but effective. Users are entitled to a Superlike per day—by doing so, you appear as a priority in the person’s queue and they can see that you’ve given the like. The “Top Picks” section lets you see users that Tinder rates as more compatible with your taste, but the free version only lets you enjoy one of them for one day.

On Tinder paid plans, there are options like changing location —you can choose anywhere in the world—see who liked you, give up to five Superlikes a day, hide your age and distance, and if you want, leave your profile visible only to the one you’ve enjoyed.

Winner: Draw

Conclusion: Tinder

If you have to choose one, stay with Tinder. The application is very popular and consolidated, even in the free version, it is interesting for those who are wanting to meet new people. Also, you don’t need to associate any social network with the app, while on Facebook Dating, you obviously need to create a Facebook account.

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