How to set up the PlayStation 5 internet manually

The PlayStation 5 is on the market and with that arises those basic questions (or not so much) of when we started tinkering with a new device. Setting up the console internet is one of those one-off issues. So check out this tutorial on how to set up the PlayStation 5 internet manually to improve your network experience.

How to connect to the internet on PS5

One of the most important things when connecting your PlayStation 5 for the first time is connecting it to the internet. After all, this is how the console makes its system updates so that it receives more features, improves its performance and makes game updates, among other functions.

Typically when you use a cable connection, the console connects to the network automatically. The same process happens when you connect to a wireless network. This process is done not only by the PS5, but also by other devices that access the internet of your home, such as smart TVs, for example.

However, as these connections are made by the devices automatically, it is possible that at some point two devices end up receiving the same IP number on your network, generating a conflict and connection problems. This has happened to me in the past. So it is valid to be aware of the advanced internet configuration options on the PS5 to avoid this type of problem.

By setting up the internet manually, you can define many aspects of connection, which can improve your experience. Even in one of the fields you can set the console IP within your network.

You can also define aspects related to DNS and MTU that can improve your internet experience in the console. Follow the step-by-step how to set up the PlayStation 5 internet manually.

How to set up the PS5 internet: Wired connections

  1. Open the main menu, go to “Settings”;
  2. Select “Network”;
  3. Then “Settings”;
  4. “Set up internet connection”;
  5. Probably your connection should already be enabled, click it;
  6. Go to “Advanced Setting”
  7. In the following field, information about IP, DNS, and MTU settings will be displayed. These fields can be changed by following the patterns that you set on your network.

How to set up the PS5 internet: Wireless connection

  1. In the main menu, go to settings;
  2. Select the “Network” field;
  3. Under “Networks Found”, click on your network;
  4. Enter your network password;
  5. Go to “Advanced Settings”
  6. In the next field will be displayed the fields such as IP, DNS and MTU that can be changed by following your network settings;

How to delete a network connection on ps5

If it was explained how to configure the connection, it is also necessary to explain how to delete a connection, is not it?

The process is quite similar to the previous one, so do the following:

  1. Settings menu;
  2. Go to “Network”;
  3. Select “Settings”;
  4. Then go to “Set up internet connection”;
  5. Choose one of the registered connections;
  6. Go to “Advanced Settings”;
  7. Check the “Delete” field.

Now you already know how to set up the ps5 internet manually and also how to delete an unnecessary connection.

Source: PlayStation Support.

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