How To Remove The Battery On An IPhone

How To Remove The Battery On An IPhone

One of the biggest mysteries of the iPhone is how Apple manages to get a full day’s worth of performance from the iPhone when it features a battery that is not rated more than 2400 mAh. When you look at Android devices, you will see smartphones featuring huge 4000 mAh+ batteries in order to deliver that one-day battery life.

The key to Apple’s success is the optimized iOS platform. Apple has designed their mobile OS in such a way, that apps only go full throttle when they are needed. When you have apps running in the background, they either go on a sleep mode sort of activity, or they turn off entirely. This saves on precious battery life, and thus allows iPhones to deliver that stellar battery performance.



Along with delivering great battery performance, the iOS platform also allows users to see how exactly the battery is performing, and what apps are putting a load on the overall battery life. Using these statistics, you can take necessary actions in order to save the battery life, and extend the usage of your iPhone.

Now, when you use an iPhone for 4-5 years, you will see that despite using the diagnostic features to save the battery life, the overall health of the battery will reach an all-time low. In such cases, the best solution is to get the battery replaced. In most non-Apple smartphones, it is sometimes possible to open the back panel and simply replace the battery, however, in the case of iPhones, it is not possible.

The unibody design prevents iPhone users from replacing the battery at home, and as such, the only way for the iPhone battery to be replaced will have to visit the authorized service center and submit your device for the procedure.

There are special tools that allow the technicians at Apple service to pry apart the iPhone without damaging the internal components, and it is highly advisable that you go to them for the battery replacement. When it comes to replacing the battery unit also, the Apple service centers offer a genuine replacement, and this ensures that your iPhone performs to the best of its capabilities, without an issue.


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